Friday, September 12, 2014

Body UPDATE: August, 2014. It's been a long time, guys.

Hello all, I've recently just returned to the world of bodybuilding.

For the past year, I have been involved in POWERLIFTING.
I've been trying to get a stronger structure, and thicker muscles.

Here's a fully-flexed photo- taken around 5-6 months ago.

It worked.
I've done a couple of lifts I thought I could never do before, and reached a bodyfat percentage I
didn't think I could hit with minimal dieting.

Here's a back photo- taken last month.

 I've gone up to around 190 LBS, and now I'm back down to around 175 LBS.

I'm gonna cut up a little bit more, and then I'll be posting a new photo in 2-3 months.

What i'm sure of is this- I will have those abs.

 Cheers, everyone.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to enjoy life

i'm back.
Motivated, no exceptions.
Disregard everything.

Zero motivation + almost snapped my shit up.

Zero motivation. 
Need to get my shit straight.

Had a hard time hitting 85s on dumbbell press just yesterday, had a hard time hitting 285 on deadlifts today. Not good at all. 

Felt my back give way today, got dem' piercing lower back pains now. Need to get my form straight and acquire more motivation.
Goin' on a 3-4 day off. Will be doing cardio and some intermittent fasting. Let's hope I see some progress and acquire motivation from there.

Peace all.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Progress photo + chest day! New personal record!

Finally got the time to post about this!

Chest day.
New personal record!!!
Threw in 5 reps of this.

I ultimately failed my 5th rep, was really funny. (almost popped my rotator cuff too, yum)
It feels great once in a while to take all that ego back inside for a while and just go with it. I don't usually do heavy sets but then- take the ego and enjoy it for a while.
But always remember, when you start lifting.. leave your ego at the door.
Actually, in anything, put away your ego and do what is right. (if you know what is right)

Progress photo (?) :
(not much progress)


                                                                    ---- Around 196 lbs.                                        

      ---- 176 lbs. (quite bloated)
Could have done WAY better in a span of 10 months but meh, I wasn't as consistent as a true bodybuilder should be. But then I am now. 
Need to work on my lower chest, abs (duh) and my rear delts!

(my legs look small but trust me, I DO NOT CHICKEN LEGS)
Point of view ruined the legs, will do another progress photo in a month anyways.

Take care all! Don't forget to add me up in Google+ and share this with your fellow fitness brahs!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Back day! + a easy meal for pre-workout!

Hi guys! Been quite some time. Been too busy lately, sorry I haven't been posting.
But no worries! I'm back, it's my chest day today! And i'll be posting my PR for Dumbbell benchpress! WOHOO!

This is an update for yesterday, hit a PR on Deadlifts, 265 lbs. for 8.
It ain't so good, but i'm going up by 10 lbs. EVERY week :)

Will have an progress picture in 1 week! WATCH OUT FOR IT.

Can't believe I hit 8 reps with that! I wonder what my max is.

Tried something new as well, Single-Arm Cable Rows. Feels exactly like Dumbbell Rows, but then you can isolate your lats more + you can add up the weight.
Threw in 180 x 8 reps for my last set! 


I don't recommend taking this regularly because of the high sodium content. Could get you bloated easily.
But then if you're in a rush and you need a quick pre-workout- this is the meal for you.
It's white rice + tuna (and whatever seasoning in it)
Fast-digesting carbs are always great to get you going for the workout! (plus you get some good fats and good protein, why not right?)

See ya'll later.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Shoulder day + more food for dem' eyes!

(don't worry, juicy food pictures at the end of this article)

Warm-up : 
15 side lateral raises, 15 front raises, 15 rear delt flyes, 15 standing shoulder presses 
15 lbs. dumbbell

1. Machine shoulder press (can't do heavy dumbbells due to permanent rotator cuff injury)
3 Drop sets :
195 x 15
180 x 8
165 x 8

Conclusion : Instant mid-delt pump and ALL KINDS OF SHOULDER GAINS

2. Upright E-Z bar row super-setted with Dumbbell shrugs
3 Super sets :
60 lbs. E-Z bar (constant)
75 lbs. Dumbbell (constant)
20 reps each workout

Conclusion : Snapped some wrist shit up and felt some electro-fucks on my traps. AWESOME

3. Rear delt flyes
5 sets :
10 x 20
10 x 20 
10 x 20
15 x 15
15 x 15

Conclusion : Do this and you'll burn in hell

Threw in some HIIT for 15 minutes after training. Body = dead.

Now for some foodgains.
This was after a 20 hour fast, took in over 2500 calories in ONE meal.

My friend just hit 100 100 on the DB press. Took a video, will be uploading soon! 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Another great cheat and back day!

Just hit 265 x 6 on Deadlifts! Hoping for 315 in a few weeks.
And it's really funny how I lifted that with a bitch-ass migraine. After the 6th rep I felt the vein on the left side of my head beating like cray. 
Would've been funny if it actually blew up while I was Deadlifting, what a funny way to die. 

Had some GREAT eats today though, took in an intake of over 2500-3000 calories. Not so bad! 
One tip about countering cheat days is fasting. If you had a day with a caloric surplus, make sure you have a caloric deficit and an 16-18 hour fast the day after. It's like you didn't have a cheat day.

Spinach and Artichoke pizza from Nolita's 

Sausages, Mashed hash browns and scrambled eggs from IHOP

And finally a Cinnamon buttermilk pancake with butter pecan syrup and a cream cheese topping!

Enjoy life. 
Leg day today, will be posting!